The Bridal & Deb Room is offering a very personal experience, offering a private room just for you!

The Bridal and Deb Room is a family owned and run local business and we take great pride in being a part of making this special occasion simply magical in our very relaxed environment. We believe every girl should have her dream wedding dress or debutante dress.

The experience offered at the Bridal and Deb Room is all about the girl. Each bride or deb-to-be is looked after through the whole process, from the minute they walk through the door or make an appointment.

Appointments can last up to two hours, during which time beautiful dresses are fetched, colors discussed, styles explained and before they know it, a Bride is born!!

The Bridal & Deb Room offer a free one-on-one, special, personalized service, so that every bride or deb feels like they’re the only girl in the world.

* We believe its about having the patience and understanding customers need.
* We offer personalized service to make everyone feel very special when choosing their wedding dress, bridesmaid dress or deb dress.
* You will be able to try as many Wedding gowns or Deb dresses on with no obligation.
* Flexility with appointments – weekday after hours appointments welcome.
* Fittings are done in house for your convenience and they will not break the budget.
* We have carefully selected our wedding dresses to suit evey budget and shape, at the same time selecting beautiful high quality gowns that come with fabulous service. Our dresses are available to try in a great variety of sizes.