Deb Dresses for 2020

Is your Deb in 2020 well now is the time to order especially if it Feb or March as the dresses can take up to 12 weeks to arrive, so don’t miss out on your dream deb dress because you left it too late to order.

We have some beautiful deb dresses currently in store that can be ordered from our samples, we also have a range that can be hired and we have some great sale dresses and ex hire deb dresses ready to go!

Sale dresses are selling fast and range from $199 to $ 550 so they will not last.

Many girls have hired some of our lovely deb dresses this year and they have been some of our favorite designs but be quite and book in to hire one of our beautiful deb dresses.

We have a great selection of dresses and a variety of options as we know everyone has different budgets.

Our current styles range from $665 to $ 795 so don’t pay over $1000 for a deb dress you really don’t need to we have current designs that are very good quality so you will not be disappointed.

Visit us over the school holidays and let us help you find your dream deb dress before Christmas so you can be sure to have your deb dress ready to go for 2020.

Call 97525506 to book a time.