Deb Dresses for 2019

To all the girls out there that are starting the hunt for their Deb Dress, we have a few tips for you to ensure you get the dress that you love.
If your Deb is early next year, now is the time to be looking and finding your dream dress. Buying a dress that needs to be ordered in can take 3 months, so you do not want to leave it until next year to start your search. Starting your search early also helps to ensure you get your Dream Deb Dress that you have always wanted. If you wait until next year the princess dress that you love may already be taken by someone else at your school and you definitely do not want that. By starting your search early and finding your dress also means that you don’t have to pay extra for a rushed delivery and will ease your mind over the Christmas holidays.
There is also a process that needs to happen after your dream deb dress arrives as well. It may need alterations, it will need a hem done and we also steam all our customers dresses ready for their big day. All of this can take up to a month so the earlier you start looking the less rushed you will be.
If you are not looking to buy but you want to HIRE a Deb Dress that is an option as well. Even though the process is shorter and you don’t have to wait 3 months for it to be ordered in you still want to get onto it early to make sure that you get the Deb Dress you want and secure it for your school.
These school holidays are also a great time to come in and find your dream deb dress because The Bridal and Deb Room has a great range of Deb Dresses sale. Great quality princess dresses for under $500 off the rack. The sooner you come in the best chance you have of picking up a bargain.
Our friendly staff look forward to seeing you soon.