New Collection Deb 2018 HURRY IN NOW!!

Girls now is the time to start looking for your dream deb dress for 2018. It can take up to 12 weeks for a dress to arrive if we need to order your size. So it is really important to drop by and let us help you find your deb dress for 2018. If your deb is early next year you need to hurry in we have some great dresses now on sale that start at $99 and go to $495. We have selected dress to suit all tastes and budgets. We do not sell anything over $795 these are a fully hand beaded princess dresses. You can certainly find a beautiful princess dress for $ 495 , $ 595 or $695 your don’t have to pay over $1000 for a beautiful deb dress.

We have just received our new collection so be the first to try and find your perfect deb dress lots of full princess skirts and some more relaxed skirts. Beads, Lace and glitter skirt so many to pick from, let us help you find your dream deb dress

Drop by after school and see our collection get in before Christmas and don’t be disappointed when we can’t sell you your dream deb dress because someone else from your school has already ordered it from us. Our sale rack has so many dresses to choose from at the moment but that will not last as they are starting to walk out the door. Brand new not second hand for such a great price. Lots of girls have already started to order for next year so it is never too early to start looking.

With Christmas it can take a bit longer for the dresses to arrive so now is a good time to order. If you have left it a bit late don’t stress we can rush the orders if we need to just ask in store.

We like to be flexible and help where we can so we can arrange a payment plan so that you don’t have to pay for the dress all at once. Pay your 50% deposit and we will order then pay it off over time before the dress arrive. (Not available on sale items)

Browse our  website in the Deb section and The Sale Room and find your dream deb dress, call us to book a time to drop by. We can also help with after hours appointments just ask in store.