Deb Dresses for HIRE and SALE

Hiring a Deb Dress.
You could also consider hiring one of our gorgeous deb dresses. The advantages of hiring is if your deb is just around the corner then you can have a deb dress ready to go within a very short time. We have a great selection of deb dresses that can be hired. It is great value the hire deb dresses range from $250 to $390 it just depends what you are looking for. Everything is included in the cost the alterations if needed and the cleaning will be done by us so all you do is where the dress and bring it back when you are finished. We do require a bond which will be returned when the dress is bought back in perfect condition.
Styles included big princess dresses with corset backs, some with beading or lace others very simple it just depends on what you are looking for.

Buying a Deb dress off the rack.
Our sale stock is all available to buy off the rack and we have a great variety. Whether you are looking for a soft simple flowing deb dress or a full tulle ball gown deb dress then we have something for everyone. Now is the time to find a bargain ready for next years deb. The sale dresses are always the first to go so it is a good time to drop by and find the perfect deb dress at a great price. Prices are between $199 and $550 for brand new dresses in many styles. Be quick as these dresses always sell fast before and after Christmas
Our deb dresses have never been worn before only tried on in the store. No need to buy second hand when you will have so many to choose in store.
Call and we will be happy to help you find your dream deb dress.