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Looking for the perfect deb dress we have a great range available in store to try and order to hire or to buy off the rack. We need to make space for next years collections so drop in and find you dream deb dress at an amazing price. Secondhand prices for brand new dresses!!

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Have you started the sometimes daunting task of finding a Deb Dress? Then you have come to the right place. I’m here to give you a few tips that can make this task a lot easier. There may be a few things that you don’t know about the industry which can make things hard at times.

First you need to know when to start looking, five months in advance would be ideal. This is because, believe it or not, most dresses have a standard order time of three months. This means that if you are ordering a dress brand new you need to allow three months for the dress to come in, before they start to charge rush fees, which can be up to $120. So the earlier you start looking for your perfect Deb Dress the better. You also need to allow a couple of weeks once the dress arrives for alterations, hem etc.

If your Deb is less than five months away you still have time, we have a hiring system. This means that instead of ordering in a brand new dress you can hire one of the dresses we already have in store. When hiring you have the cost of the dress which can range from $250 – $380. There is also a bond on top of this cost price, which you do get back as long as it is returned in the same condition it was hired. This bond is insurance for the shop, ensuring that if the dress is destroyed and not reusable again, they are not out of pocket. Hiring is a great way to go if you can’t spend a lot of money and you aren’t too picking with styles. To hire you don’t normally need the same amount of time as buying one brand new, only need to leave about 1-2 months

If your Deb is less than two months away you are still not too late, you do have one more option, SALE DRESSES. Sale dresses are the discontinued stock that we can no longer re order. This means that the dress will be a lot cheaper and still in pretty good condition. They may not necessarily be your size but that’s why getting a dress at a cheaper price is great, it allows for more wiggle room on the cost of alterations. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find a sale dress at a great price and in the right size which is always a bonus.

You can also buy second hand but we wouldn’t recommend it. Yes it might be a great price and it may work for some people but not always. You need to remember that a second hand dress has already been worn by someone else and they have had it altered to their specifications. This means the hem has been done. There have been a number of times when the dress you buy off someone else is shorter than you meaning the hem is now too short and your ankles can be seen. There may also be other alterations they had done that you were not aware of until it was too late.

There are many different styles of Deb Dresses available, to cater for every girl. You just need to find the perfect Deb Dress for you. Something to remember is just because the dress looks one way in the store doesn’t mean yours has to look identical. You can make small changes to a dress to customize it to your specific style. This could mean adding beading or taking a layer of the tulle out of the skirt so it isn’t too big. If you really wanted a lace up back then you can take the zip out and exchange it for a lace up. There are a number of things that can be done to most Deb Dress in order for you to feel like a princess on your special night.