New or Second hand Deb dresses??

It can be such a big decision should I buy a New deb dress or second hand so much to consider.
The advantage of buying your deb dress from a store like The Bridal and Deb room is you will have so many dresses to choose from in the one place. All of our deb dresses are brand new and never been altered or worn at any other debs. We have priced our dresses to suit all budgets. You can buy a gorgeous deb dress at second hand prices. Our sale dresses range from $195 to $595 and we are negotiable on some dresses. Our collection also includes dresses from $ 345 up to $795 the more expensive dresses have a lot of hand beading which makes them more expensive. When you buy from The Bridal and Deb Room you are buying quality dresses that can then be sold at a later date and still hold their value. When buying second hand it is harder to find the perfect dress to fit as generally they have been altered to suit another girls shape and height. You will also need to drive around to find the perfect dress.
We have an in house seamstress that will help to fit the dress perfectly or you are welcome to have the work done elsewhere.
Drop ins are welcome so come in and see us some dresses take a while to arrive so don’t miss out.