Bridesmaid dresses at great prices

We currently have a great collections of new bridesmaids dresses that are at on-line prices but the beauty is that you can try before you buy and feel the fabric, also you get to select from a great range of color swatches and see the color your dresses will be before they arrive. The new collection will cater for many shapes, sizes and styles.Our Moir bridesmaid dresses offer a great option for those looking to spending only $225.

Our Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses are available in 50 plus fashion colors and most of the dresses can be ordered in long or short to cater for every ones taste. Simple chiffon in many styles. Full lace or a combination of lace and chiffon or lace and tulle. One of our best sellers at the moment is our multi way bridesmaid dress that can be worn by all your girls in the same color but look very different these are great to cater for girls of different shapes and sizes.

Ask in store about our package deals we can tailor make a package to suit your budget, When you buy your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses at the same time from our store.

We can also make a satin tie and hankie set for your guys to match your girls dresses in the same color.
So visit our store and we will be sure to help you find the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your girls in our friendly welcoming environment.