Finding the perfect Deb Dress

It is an exciting time looking for your deb dress. At The Bridal and Deb Room we will help guide you to find the perfect deb dress to suit your shape and budget.

Some of our deb dresses can be purchased off the rack at a discounted price. We have an extensive selection of deb dresses in many styles for you to order your dream deb dress from.

If your deb is early 2017 now is the time to drop by and see us, we have all your deb needs in store dresses, shoes, gloves and jewellery.

The dresses can take approx 3 months to arrive so it is really important to get in early. However if you have not left enough time talk to us about having the dress rushed in as we have a few options available.

It is very important to us that you feel confident in your choice so we will not pressure you into your decision we will guide you and listen to what you like. We offer a one-on-one service to help with the big decision.

Our deb dress register will ensure that we do not sell your dress to someone else at your school.

We have priced our dresses to suit all budgets and we are happy to match prices if needed. However we are confident our dresses are the best prices out there. We carry all the latest styles and the dress are very good quality.

The sale dresses start at $195 and nothing in the store is over $850. We can order many of our dresses in size 0-30

It is not always possible to visit our store so feel free to call and discuss how we can help you to purchase a dress over the phone. We will guide you to feel confidant that you can make the right choice. Once the dress arrives we can post it to you ready in time for your deb.

Alterations are something that need to be considered when buying a deb dress as every girls requirements are different. Please know that we will endeavour to keep the cost down and we do not charge by the layer to hem a big princess dress.

At The Bridal and Deb Room we pride ourselves on our customer service and willingness to help you find the perfect deb dress. Call in and see us or call to book an appointment we would love to help you find your dream deb dress.